Technological equipment


The technological equipment includes three basic groups of lasers – biostimulation lasers, ablative lasers and lasers working on the photothermolysis principle, pulse lamps, electromyostimulators, biolamps, a solarium, a computer for in-depth examination of moles.
The efficiency of these technologies is certified by the supreme American auditing organization Food and Drug Administration (FDA clearance).

Biostimulation lasers

The working principle of biostimulation lasers is to deliver energy to cells. The lasers are suitable for all interventions where healing should be accelerated. Doctor’s share forms a significant part of the treatment as the doctor determines the active substance to be spread under the laser ray as well as the parameters of laser treatment.

Ablative lasers

Ablative lasers are high performance surgical appliances able to “peel off” skin in layers a hundred times thinner than a sheet of paper. We use the erbium laser (so-called the coldest laser) having the wavelength of 2940 nm at our workplace. CO2 ablative lasers working at the wavelength of 10 600 nm burn the skin too much.

Lasers working on the photothermolysis principle

Laser rays of various wavelengths are caught by target skin structures – hair, vein or pigment – carrying the dye chromophor to which energy is delivered selectively. Physically, the energy of light is transformed into the thermal energy. Our workplace uses lasers having the wavelengths of 532 nm, 800 nm and 1064 nm. Thus, the whole scale of natural and artificial skin colours is covered.

Intense pulse lamps

Intense pulse lamps emit the entire spectrum of wavelengths of visible light. The lower limit is specified by permeability of the glass crystal situated in the handle. The lamps are mostly used to unify the colour of skin and to regenerate the skin.

Liposuction apparatus

The liposuction apparatus activates the metabolism of deep skin layers. The radiofrequency apparatus operating in the sphere of unipolar or bipolar energetic beam reaches such a depth that a significant reduction of fat layers or wrinkles is already visible after 3 treatments performed in one-week intervals. The interventions are carried out without any preceding preparations.


Photofinder is a computer system enabling a timely detection of skin cancer. Statistical evaluation of a coloured formation enables to identify pathological changes in time, preventing thus the development of the dangerous type of skin cancer – melanoma.

Lymphodrainage apparatus

The lymphodrainage apparatus helps normalize the lymph circulation in tissues.


Myostimulator shrinks muscle fibres – mimic and skeletal – with small electric pulses.


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