Removal of veins

Are there individual veins or spider veins on your face? Or have you a port wine stain since your childhood? Doctors in our centre are able to help you.


Odstranění žilek

How it works

Facial veins can be removed classically by laser or by pulse light. Frequently, these methods are combined. One vein can be removed during one visit, a large port wine stain must be treated repeatedly according to its extent.


Thread veins on the body

Thread veins may appear on legs, in the décolletage, above shoulder blades or on arms. We can remove them absolutely painlessly.


How it works

Thread veins are removed by intravascular coagulation – they are sealed under the skin. Then the veins are absorbed by metabolism within 6 weeks. The procedure is very fast and painless thanks to cooling.

Varicose veins

Varicose veins not only hinder your dream of beautiful legs, but they also represent a health hazard and are the reason of pains in lower limbs and feelings of heaviness. If you are afraid of undergoing a classical surgery under complete narcosis, you will be surely pleased to hear that we offer a much more considerate solution, only under local anaesthesia.


How it works

Before the procedure, you will be examined carefully by ultrasound. The procedure is carried out only under local anaesthesia. A fibre will be introduced into the vein to seal the vein directly inside, which will last about an hour. The treated leg must be bandaged for following three days.

This method of varices removal is much-sought-for due to its considerateness and the possibility of a fast return to ordinary activities.


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