Removal of pigment spots

Do you want to get rid of brown spots which appeared on your skin for various reasons? We know an efficient solution.

Dark spots and post-inflammation hyperpigmentation

Dark spots may occur in women during pregnancy or may be related to using hormonal contraception pills. Brown spots may also occur in consequence of wrongly treated acne. We can help you in both cases by combining several procedures.

How it works

The pigment of brown spots is situated in deeper layers of skin and its removal is not easy. We use a selective laser for brown colour, a grinding laser, an intense pulse light, protective anti-UV creams, creams inhibiting melanin production, whitening creams with kojic or glycollic acid etc. Treatment procedure is determined by an experienced doctor. The selected procedure is based on agreement with client made at a personal consultation.


Sun spots

These spots may appear anywhere on the body, but most frequently on areas exposed to an intensive sunshine, i.e. back, arms. It is easy for us to remove such spots.

How it works

In case of the spots caused by exposure to the sun that will do to use a laser for brown colour. Immediately after exposure to a flash the brown colour turns grey and the whole area peels off within a week.

Seborrhoic warts

This type of warts occurs in people above thirty years of age. Seborrhoic warts are large, surface, crumbly protuberances. If this is just your problem, we know what to do.

How it works

Removal of seborrhoic warts is simple and one-time. The best method is to remove them by vaporization laser. The treated site must be covered with a plaster for several days. Then use anti-UV creams in summer months.


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