To get rid of unwanted hair once and for all is very easy now. Forget of the unpleasant and painful plucking or regular shaving. In particular, in places where the classical method of hair removal is difficult or unpleasant, such as groins, armpits or a face, the laser depilation will make your life easier.

How it works

Laser will destroy germ cells of hair bulbs permanently and so they will appear never more on the places where you do not want to have them. To be removable, hairs must be darker than the surrounding skin. Before the laser depilation, hairs should not be pulled out for at least 2 months, just shaven.

Face hair removal

Excess hair on face troubles mainly “southern types” of women with dark hair and eyebrows, but it also appears in consequence of hormonal imbalance in women of all other types of skin.
We can remove not only the unsightly “moustache” above the upper lip reducing the beauty of many women, but also the unwanted hair growing on the forehead, faces, chin and neck. We can also model your eyebrows.
The treatment should be repeated three times as a minimum. The real number of treatments depends on your hormonal level.

The skin is cooled down before the treatment, but still it turns slightly red after the treatment. The flush will disappear several minutes later and you can continue your everyday activities. During summer months it is recommended to protect the treated areas with an anti-UV cream.

Body hair removal

The dream of many women – to have to shave their legs never more – may come true. That will usually do to treat legs with laser twice at the interval of six months and the hair is gone forever.
Similarly, the hair on groins, armpits and buttocks may be removed easily. In these areas, the treatment should be repeated about four times at the intervals of three months.
Men will be surely pleased to hear about the possibility of getting rid of their hair on the back or chest. At least four visits at the intervals of three to six months are necessary for the permanent removal of unwanted hair.


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